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Are you or your child facing juvenile delinquency charges? Then get assistance from a qualified juvenile attorney in the Lebanon, OH area. I am a passionate, dedicated lawyer who has the best interests of my clients at heart.
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Understand Juvenile Law

Not all cases involving a minor are sent to juvenile court. In some instances, an officer will simply issue a warning and release the minor into a guardian’s custody. The following factors are consider when determining whether or not a case should go to juvenile court:
  • How severe the offense was.
  • If the offender has a past history of juvenile delinquency.
  • How much evidence there is that the juvenile truly broke the law.
  • The age and gender of the minor.
  • The minor’s social history.
Should the case go to juvenile court, the minor will be formally arraigned in front of a judge. Afterwards, the minor may enter a plea deal, the judge may divert the case (which would likely result in the minor having to complete a recommended program), or the case will go to trial. Conviction at the trial may result in a number of different consequences, including counseling, probation, or time spent in a juvenile detention facility.
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Get Representation from a Qualified Attorney

Facing criminal charges can be frightening enough for an adult, but even more so for a minor. A juvenile criminal defense attorney can provide you with much needed legal support and guidance. I am experienced with juvenile law, and so am prepared to help you determine the best course of action, and then will assist you in pursuing it. My services are available to the following locations:
  • Lebanon, OH
  • Mason, OH
  • Wilmington, OH
  • Hamilton, OH
If you or your child needs assistance from a juvenile criminal defense lawyer, then consider giving me a call. I offer free consultations for my services.
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