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Family matters can be emotionally difficult to deal with in the legal sphere. Because of this—and because of their relative unfamiliarity with legal matters—many individuals find it beneficial to work with a lawyer.
I am a family law attorney that has experience dealing with child custody cases, orders of protection, and more.
It is my aim to provide reliable service to anyone in the Lebanon, OH area.

Traci Can Assist with Several Different Aspects of Family Law

As your family law attorney, I can assist with:
  • Dissolution of Marriage: Sometimes, couples may wish to separate. The fault may not truly belong to anyone; two individuals may simply realize that their marriage isn’t working. A family law lawyer can help you and your former partner dissolve your marriage peacefully.
  • Child Custody: Determining child custody can be an emotionally-tense process. As your child custody lawyer, I will work to make sure the best interests of the child are represented, and will assist with a variety of different aspects, such as visitation schedules.
  • Orders of Protection: There may come a time when you need protection from another member of your family. Orders of protection are designed to keep one individual away from another; as your attorney, I can help you obtain one.
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I am able to assist anyone near:
  • Lebanon, OH
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  • Hamilton, OH
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