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Whether you are an adult or a minor, facing the legal system can be frightening. Get qualified legal defense today.
If you need assistance planning your estate, or if you need help with the probate process, I can assist you.
I can help with child custody, orders of protection, dissolution of a marriage, and other family law matters.

Work with a Reliable Criminal Defense Attorney Near Lebanon, OH and the Surrounding Areas

There are many circumstances under which you may need an attorney. For instance, perhaps you need a civil attorney who can assist with probate litigation. Or, perhaps you have been accused of a crime, and are looking for a criminal defense attorney to assist with your case. Working with a qualified attorney has many benefits, as it allows you to avoid potential legal pitfalls, and gives your case a better chance of success.

As your attorney, I am dedicated to providing you with honest advice, aggressive representation, and personalized service. I aim to assist residents of Lebanon, OH with a variety of needs, from criminal defense to estate planning. I understand that many of these cases can be stressful, and so I offer compassionate support and steadfast service. My knowledge as a former police officer have given me a strong understanding of how the legal system works, and my goal is to use that knowledge in order to assist with your case.

Criminal Defense


Criminal Defense


Juvenile Law


Juvenile Law

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Estate Planning


Estate Planning


Probate Law


Probate Law


Family Law


Family Law

The Law Office of
Traci M. Carr

Assistance with Family Law, Criminal Defense, and More

I am able to assist with a range of case types, including:
  • Criminal Defense: Being accused of a criminal charge can be a frightening experience. As your criminal defense attorney, I am ready to fight for your rights and defend your case, whether you are facing drunk driving charges, assault charges, drug charges, or other offenses. In addition, I can assist with expunction in order to help clear your record.
  • Juvenile Matters: As a minor, it can be incredibly nerve-wracking to be facing criminal charges. I am able to assist with cases involving juveniles and will do everything in my power in order to defend your rights.
  • Estate Planning: Planning for the future is important. As your estate planning attorney, I can help prepare wills, trusts, and living wills. In addition, should the will be contested, I am able to provide probate litigation services in order to defend your loved one’s wishes.
  • Probate Proceedings: Probate is the legal process of proving a will in court, and can be somewhat difficult to navigate for those who are unexperienced with it. I am able to assist with probate proceedings to take some of the burden off your shoulders.
  • Family Law: Family law is a broad category, and covers things such as the dissolution of a marriage, child support and custody, and protective orders. As your family attorney, I can help you navigate these legal matters, and provide you with reliable advice on the best path forward.

Reach Out for a Free Consultation

I am able to serve anyone near the following locations:
  • Lebanon, OH
  • Mason, OH
  • Wilmington, OH
  • Hamilton, OH
If you are dealing with a difficult legal matter, then please consider calling for a free consultation. Speak to a qualified attorney today.
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